University of Regina seeks evidence in alleged cheating during ethics class

first_imgREGINA – Representatives with the University of Regina say it’s difficult to handle recent allegations of students cheating in an ethics class without concrete evidence, although they say they’re taking the accusations seriously.President and vice-chancellor Vianne Timmons said the case was reported to the faculty of engineering, which she said they immediately “jumped on” and investigated.But Timmons said it’s hard to do because there’s not much information.“Remember, it was from one student with no names identified. It’s very hard then to investigate and find out exactly what happened,” Timmons told CKRM radio in Regina.“As with every incident that’s reported, we will do a thorough and comprehensive investigation.”A CBC report said a professor in a fourth-year law and professionalism class handed out a quiz to his class and then left the students under the supervision of teaching assistants. CBC said the university received reports from two students who witnessed others cheating.Thomas Chase, who is provost and also vice-president academic, said the school wouldn’t investigate unless concrete evidence surfaces.“It’s unfortunate when we learn that there are allegations of cheating,” Chase told The Canadian Press. “We’d stress in this case that we have allegations from two students, but no concrete evidence or names at this point for the incident that was alleged to have taken place.“More generally, any kind of allegation of cheating is troubling.”Chase confirmed two reports from a class on Feb. 6, but reiterated evidence is needed to investigate. He said there is evidence in a second, single case from the same class on Feb. 27.“We are certainly following that up,” said Chase, who added an associate dean is investigating.Any students involved could be reprimanded if cheating or plagiarism is proven, he said.“The penalty can range from a reduction in marks on that assignment, to a failure on the assignment or the exam, to failure of the entire course — all the way up to suspension from the university and, in very bad cases, expulsion from the university.”Chase said he’s never heard of cheating allegations in a class focused on ethics.“It’s a concern in any class if people are not being honest,” he said. “It’s particularly unsettling, I’d put it, when that may occur or is alleged to have occurred in a course that deals with ethics and professionalism.“It would be unfortunate if it is true.”— By Colette Derworiz in Edmontonlast_img read more

The centrepiece of major US NAFTA proposal higher auto wages

first_imgWASHINGTON – Mexican workers’ wages are at the heart of a major proposal from the United States aimed at breaking through an impasse on automobiles and securing a new North American Free Trade Agreement.The latest U.S. idea incorporates worker salaries into the formula for calculating which cars can avoid tariffs under the auto rules of origin, several sources in different countries said Tuesday.Sources familiar with the negotiations said it would create incentives for car companies to pay wages far higher than the current average salary in Mexico, which, according to some estimates, is about US$2.04 per hour.The U.S. has identified Mexican wages as a key priority, for two reasons: creating more middle-class Mexican buyers of imported goods, and reducing the incentive to shift car plants from high-wage countries.The revelation adds context to enthusiastic comments last week from the Canadian government. Canadian officials said the Americans had proposed creative solutions for achieving their main overarching goal, which is more production in the U.S.“There’s no question it’s a step forward,” Canadian union leader Jerry Dias said in an interview Tuesday.“At least people are starting to understand that we have to fix the main problem — which is wages in Mexico,” said Dias, president of Unifor, Canada’s largest private-sector union. “The Mexicans will obviously push back … but Mexico knows there’s not going to be a deal without higher wages.”The negotiations have accelerated, as the U.S. pushes for a new NAFTA within weeks.Sources say the U.S. has introduced wages as a substitute for dropping its controversial demand that cars have 50 per cent American content, deemed a non-starter by both Canada and Mexico.The U.S. continues to demand a big increase in the percentage of car parts that must come from North America, from the current 62.5 per cent to around 85 per cent, but higher-wage labour would count as a credit toward the total.Different sources described different salary levels as the cutoff rate.Inside U.S. Trade, which first reported on the development, pegged the rate at US$15 per hour. One American briefed on the proposal understood it to include a range from $13 to $17. Dias said he has been briefed and heard it’s $15.U.S. trade czar Robert Lighthizer hinted at the idea in a public appearance last week.He told a congressional committee that there are several proposals being discussed that would help achieve his goal of driving up wages in Mexico — another involves guaranteeing that workers can vote on collective agreements by secret ballot.“There’s a whole series of processes that we’re involved with in negotiating that (labour) element,” Lighthizer told a House of Representatives committee last week.“That’s a hugely important issue. And the objective is to try to get wages up in Mexico — which makes the United States more competitive, but also creates customers for the United States.”The proposal was first floated several days ago, and appears to have kick-started the negotiations. Canada says it’s pleased by some of the latest developments, and the U.S. says all three countries are finally converging on a common vision.One American source, who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to speak frankly about the idea, said some details remain unclear. One example is whether car-makers would get credits toward an overall formula when they use higher-cost labour, or whether every car would have to have a certain percentage of high-paid labour.“The thing that’s clever — ingenious, actually — is it creates an incentive to raise worker salaries,” said that American, who is familiar with parts of the proposal.“You’d be creating this incentive to improve wage levels.”One trade insider said there’s strong desire in Washington to drive up Mexican salaries. It may be key to winning Democrats’ votes, in particular, in ratifying an eventual deal.The Democrats are especially vocal in bemoaning stagnant wages in Mexico as a drag on workers across the continent.“If there is no wage increase (in NAFTA), there is going to have to be very strong provisions in the NAFTA getting rid of what some call white unions, or yellow unions — basically company-sponsored unions,” said Dan Ujczo of the law firm Dickinson Wright.“I wouldn’t be surprised to see some type of movement towards setting a wage in Mexico. And I think that would be a red line — for Mexico.”He said Mexico finds itself in a tough spot.On the one hand, that country is especially anxious to get a deal, with elections approaching and an anti-establishment outsider candidate leading in the polls.On the other hand, the pro-establishment government in Mexico has systematically opposed the idea of enshrining wage increases in a trade deal.last_img read more

Girl from Terrace BC dies after hair catches fire at backyard firepit

first_imgTERRACE, B.C. – A 13-year-old girl has died after catching fire at a backyard firepit in British Columbia, leaving her family searching for answers about what exactly happened.Lynn Peerless says she looked out her backyard window in Terrace last week when she heard her daughter Grace screaming and saw her hair on fire.“I yelled at her to stop, drop and roll and I yelled at my son who was also home at the time to grab the garden hose, because I saw her on fire,” Peerless said in an interview Thursday.“I’ll never forget looking out my window and seeing my daughter with her hair on fire.”Peerless said the family was burning some branches from a fallen tree in the firepit, which she described as an old washing machine mounted on a pole 45 to 60 centimetres off the ground, making it “impossible” to fall into.Grace was alone, she said, so no one saw the fire spread, but Peerless believes an ember may have landed on her daughter’s hair or clothing. Hairspray may have acted as an accelerant.Doctors told her that Grace had a 95 per cent chance of surviving before she was taken to B.C. Children’s Hospital in Vancouver for treatment, she said.After spending time with Grace in the hospital, Peerless went to the Easter Seals House to get some sleep for the first time in almost three days. That’s when she was told Grace had experienced medical complications.The B.C. Coroners Service is investigating the exact cause of death, but Peerless said she was told Grace had mostly second-degree burns to between 25 and 30 per cent of her body. She was scheduled for surgery before she went into cardiac arrest.The coroners service investigates all sudden and unexpected deaths and is also responsible for investigating all child deaths in B.C.The service said it cannot release or confirm an identity due to privacy legislation, but it is in the early stages of an investigation involving a teenage girl from Terrace who died in hospital in Vancouver on Saturday after she was injured in Terrace on May 24.Peerless described Grace as a girl who loved fashion, loved singing and had a “bounce in her step.” She was the kind of kid who got along with pretty well everyone, floating between social circles, her mother said.Grace grew up with fire and understood fire safety well, said Peerless.“Fire is part of our culture in northern B.C., so children in this area are raised from the time they’re infants (to) know fire safety,” she said.” This wasn’t some city kid who has never seen a fire in her life, who was around the fire by herself.“It feels like we’re in a bad dream.”— By Amy Smart in Vancouverlast_img read more

An enchanting opportunity longtime magic lover to study in England

first_imgHALIFAX – It’s not quite an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, but for Samuel Gillis Hogan, it’s the next best thing.After a lifelong passion for the supernatural, Gillis Hogan of Wolfville, N.S. has been awarded a prestigious fellowship to study the history of magic at an English university.As this year’s recipient of the Rothermere Fellowship — valued at roughly $29,000 per year for living expenses, plus university and travel fees — Gillis Hogan will be heading to the University of Exeter in September to pursue a PhD in the bewitching subject.“I’m pretty over the moon about it all,” he said in a phone interview Saturday. “It’s marvellous.”Gillis Hogan’s fascination in magic started young: every book, TV show and movie he liked as a child had some sort of magical element to it, he said.“Children always loved magic, but they never loved it quite to the obsessive degree that I did,” he chuckled, noting that the success of the Harry Potter franchise helped him realize he wasn’t the only one interested in the topic.His love of magic carried him throughout his school career: he wrote an honours thesis on spirit summoning during his undergraduate degree in history and medieval studies at Memorial University in N.L., and defended a thesis on chiromancy — the medieval precursor to modern-day palm reading — while completing his master’s degree at the University of Saskatchewan.At the University of Exeter, Gillis Hogan will study late medieval and early modern manuscripts containing instructions on how to summon fairy spirits: a subject which he said doesn’t get a lot of attention in the world of magic academia.He said part of his thesis will be spent on nailing down what exactly a fairy is, because people in the middle ages imagined them differently than we do.“The idea of what a fairy is changes vastly from time period to time period, from location to location, even from person to person,” said Gillis Hogan, explaining that, depending on the culture, the mythical beings were seen more as malevolent spirits than the cute, Tinker Bell-like creatures we know today.He said he’s drawn to the history of magic because it’s a field of study that connects a variety of other topics like philosophy, science, medicine and religion — areas of thought that, at the time, weren’t necessarily divided up into different categories like they are now.“We tend to think of those as different things … but if you look at the borders of those, even today, they get really messy and blurry in between,” he said. “And when you talk about the middle ages, that doesn’t work at all.”They did make divisions — “natural philosophy,” for instance, was the practice of studying nature and pre-dated the concept of science — but the categories were less refined than they are today.Gillis Hogan said taking a closer look at the magic people believed in gives us an intimate window into how they understood the world.The way we see the world now, he noted, is just one perspective among many.“I think that should give us a bit more pause when we have a tendency to look at past cultures, or even other cultures than our own that exist right now, and look down our noses at it as being backwards or strange.”He said even though medieval magic rituals may seem odd to the average 21st-century person, studying the intellectual context behind them shows they were rational based on the way people perceived the world at the time.He hopes to eventually become a professor in the subject.last_img read more

Pickle ice cream and steak eclairs CNE unveils this years wacky treats

first_imgTORONTO – Chocolate-banana steak eclairs, pickle ice cream, fried frog legs and s’more fried chicken sandwiches are among the crazy gastronomic concoctions that will be served up at the Canadian National Exhibition when it opens in Toronto on Friday.The annual summer carnival is known for its wacky foods and the selection for this year’s event that was unveiled Wednesday is proving to be no different.The eclair is a mix of sweet and savoury, with a piece of steak accompanied by provolone cheese, banana slices, chocolate sauce and whipped cream — all wrapped in a doughnut.Besides the pickle ice cream, the CNE says other unusual frozen flavours will be on offer, including creme de la corn, which is served with a fresh piece of corn on the cob, and curry coconut, which is served in a coconut shell.Those with finer tastes can have the vanilla ice cream dessert covered in chocolate and edible 24-karat gold leaves.Another rich choice is a mega-sized burger with maple bacon, peameal bacon, Canadian cheddar, onion rings, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato and chipotle mayo — all in an edible golden bun.The CNE also did not forget Toronto sports fans and is offering the “Blue Jay Nest” — a waffle bowl stuffed with vanilla ice cream, pretzels, popcorn, caramel drizzle, cotton candy and a doughnut decorated like a baseball.Other unusual treats include deep-fried wine and cheese, deep-fried Ferrero Rocher and cotton candy ice cream burritos.last_img read more

Prominent Canadians pay tribute to Arizona Sen John McCain dead at 81

first_imgCanadian politicians are expressing their sympathies to the family of Arizona Sen. John McCain, who has died of brain cancer at the age of 81.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote on Twitter that McCain was an American patriot and hero whose sacrifices for his country, and lifetime of public service, were an inspiration to millions.Conservative party Leader Andrew Scheer praised McCain on Twitter, writing his decades of service in defence of freedom crossed party lines and touched freedom-loving people across borders.Former prime minister Stephen Harper also expressed his sympathies, calling McCain an American hero, while former Progressive Conservative party leader Peter MacKay tweeted that freedom loving people everywhere are mourning the heartbreaking loss of a true voice for integrity and civility.McCain was a war veteran who was captured in North Vietnam in 1967 and endured years of torture and abuse.He died on Saturday after battling brain cancer for more than a year.last_img read more

Irreplaceable instruments pinched from West Coast rock band 5440

first_imgVANCOUVER – West Coast rock band 54-40 says it was robbed of seven “irreplaceable” instruments ahead of two shows in Vancouver Friday and Saturday night.In a pair of statements posted to the group’s Facebook page, the band says the instruments were stolen from a rented cube van Friday morning in New Westminster, B.C.The seven stringed instruments include a blond 1957 Fender Esquire electric guitar, a 1966 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard and a 1954 Gibson Florentine electric mandolin.Band Manager Allen Moy said the instruments hold great value to the group, beyond just their monetary worth.“While we might be able to collect insurance money, of course, it’s difficult to replace them, they’re really kind of one of a kind instruments.”Moy added that the band members know there’s a risk taking prized vintage guitars on the road, but their attitude is that they’ve earned them and “they’re meant to be played.”The band, whose hits include “I Go Blind,” “One Day in Your Life” and “Ocean Pearl,” is urging anyone with information to contact them or police and is offering a $5,000 reward for their safe return.Moy said area guitar stores had been notified to watch out for the instruments, and that police were hopeful they would eventually “surface.”“It’s pretty hard to move this type of equipment because of its uniqueness, and with the profile that the band has everybody is on alert.”Moy noted that some of the guitars had been acquired well over a decade ago, and while he described the band as being “pretty broken up” over their loss, he said the Thanksgiving weekend shows at the Commodore Ballroom would go on.last_img read more

Social media sites like Facebook take in lions share of federal ad

first_imgOTTAWA — Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter now take in the lion’s share of federal advertising dollars, thanks to an ongoing increase in the use of digital advertising by government departments and agencies.New figures show the federal government spent $39.2 million on advertising last year. Online ads made up two-thirds of this spending, and — for the first time ever — social media was the most-used digital-media platform, representing 43 per cent of digital ad spending.Last year also marked the lowest amount spent in over a decade on traditional advertising outlets like newspapers and television.This comes as the result of a policy change in 2016 that saw federal organizations adopt a digital-first approach for communications.Bob Cox, chair of News Media Canada and publisher of the Winnipeg Free Press, says he is concerned this policy not only hurts traditional media outlets like newspapers, but also means some, mainly older, Canadians are not seeing federal messages.Concerns have also been raised about the increase in taxpayer dollars going to foreign-owned digital companies like Facebook and Google, while domestic media outlets face revenue losses.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Environment Canada confirms tornadoes struck Saskatchewan campground on Saturday

first_imgGOODSOIL, Sask. — Environment Canada confirms winds that flattened a northwest Saskatchewan campground over the weekend were the result of tornadoes.The agency says in a weather summary of the incident that a severe thunderstorm moved through the Murray Doell Campground area in Meadow Lake Provincial Park on Saturday.It says people reported golf-ball-sized hail, as well as twisters that passed north and south of the campground.Its team of investigators estimate the tornado that passed just north of the campground generated winds between 135 and 175 kilometres per hour, snapping trees and rolling campers, sheds and outhouses.The other tornado that passed to the south produced winds between 90 and 130 kilometres per hour.The province reported that three people suffered non-life-threatening injuries.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Vanessa Hudgens To Lead The Electric Run For Smile Train

first_imgElectric Run, the country’s brightest and most outrageous 5K run/walk, is coming to Los Angeles on Friday, May 24th with actress Vanessa Hudgens leading the pack through a technicolor wonderland weaving throughout Home Depot Center in Carson.Electric Run LA will partner with Smile Train, donating a portion of proceeds to the nonprofit that brings smiles to children’s faces by providing a child born with a cleft the same opportunities in life as a child born without a cleft.Electric Run is like no other run: the original spectacular of its kind has attracted over 100,000 Day-Glo clad participants, including Carmen Electra and Seth Rogan, to its events. The all-ages, nighttime event features premier musical acts, an energized crowd and over 1 million watts of mesmerizing light art installations, such as glowing neon trees, rainbow-hued tunnels and lit-up lakes.“With Electric Run, our goal is to bring more to the table than your traditional 5K — the run becomes a performance in itself,” said Dan Hill, founder of Electric Run. “We’ve hand picked talented artists from Coachella, Dreamworks, Disney and the hottest shows in Vegas and beyond who’ve come on board to specifically design our electric wonderland.”Electric Run LA promises to be a star-studded event from start to finish. Hudgens will be kicking off the race and Charissa Saverio, aka DJ Rap, the undisputed queen of the turntables, will be pumping up the runners at the finish line. Electric Run has also partnered with leading active lifestyle brand Neff Headwear, creating Neffmau5 Land, an EDM wonderland dedicated solely to the Deadmau5 x Neff collaboration. Neffmau5 Land is a special section of the 5K course with Deadmau5 music pumping and special Neffmau5 lights and visuals mixed into the race track.At its core, Electric Run is founded upon giving back to the community. With each event, Electric Run donates proceeds to a philanthropy in which it firmly believes. Partnering with Smile Train for the second time now was an easy decision.“To partner with an organization such as Electric Run that focuses on celebration and smiling is particularly special to Smile Train and brings much needed awareness to our mission to help children suffering from cleft. We are so grateful to be the beneficiary of the LA race and hope to continue doing so in many years to come.” said Troy Reinhart, Director of Donor Engagement for Smile Train.Online registration for Electric Run LA is between $45 and $60 depending on registration dates and volunteers are also encouraged to sign up at 10,000 people are expected to participate in Electric Run LA. Electric Run has expanded to over 70 cities nationwide, including San Francisco, Austin, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Portland, Madison and Seattle.For more information about this or any Electric Run events visit: read more

Venus Williams To Speak At Women Of Power Summit

first_imgBLACK ENTERPRISE (BE) will present world-class achievers from the worlds of sports, business and corporate America, including tennis great and entrepreneur Venus Williams, as headliners for the 2014 Women of Power Summit in Boca Raton, Fla.The Women of Power Summit is the nation’s No. 1 executive development and leadership conference for women of color, annually attracting more than 800 corporate executives, professionals and businesswomen from across the country. The Women of Power Summit, hosted by State Farm Insurance, will take place February 26-March 1, 2014 at the Boca Raton Resort and Club.Williams, who along with her sister Serena has ruled the world of professional tennis for more than a decade, is also an accomplished entrepreneur. Growing up in a tight-knit family and coached by her parents Richard and Oracene, Williams entered the pro ranks of the Women’s Tennis Association when she was 14 years old. Her attacking style and impressive physicality immediately caught the attention of the tennis world. Soon, the whole world was watching Williams rack up 43 WTA Tour titles, three Olympic Gold medals, break the record for fastest serve ever recorded (129 mph) and compete in the longest finals match in Wimbledon history (two hours and 45 minutes). Along the way, she has proven to be far more than just a world-class athlete, adding best-selling author, fashion designer and entrepreneur to her many accomplishments. Her businesses include, V*STARR and EleVen.Other featured headliners of the 2014 Women of Power Summit include iconic civil rights activist and former NAACP Chairperson, Myrlie Evers-Williams; Apple Inc. Environmental Initiatives VP and former White House Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Lisa Jackson; and Linda Johnson-Rice and Desiree Rogers, chairperson and CEO, respectively, of Johnson Publishing Company, Inc. In addition, 8-time Grammy-nominated R&B artist Tank is set to perform at the annual Women of Power Concert & Dinner on the final evening of the Summit.“Each year, we select featured headliners for our Women of Power Summit who will deliver powerful messages and practical strategies to further inspire attendees to excellence in leadership,” says BLACK ENTERPRISE CEO Earl “Butch” Graves Jr. “We fully expect Venus Williams, Lisa Jackson and our other outstanding speakers to build on that tradition.”“Our candid, one-on-one conversations with women who have excelled in every area of endeavor are a unique feature of the Women of Power Summit each year,” says Black Enterprise Editorial Director Sonia Alleyne who, along with Black Enterprise Business Report television show Host Caroline Clarke, serves as a co-editorial director of the Women of Power Summit. “Our attendees will leave with the motivation and direction they need to embrace their power in their own professions, companies and lives.”Following the Women of Power Legacy Awards Dinner, more than 800 corporate and business women will engage in two immersive days of professional development sessions and activities designed to train, equip and encourage industry leadership, career strategies and effective peak-performance, as well as work-life balance techniques. Topics will include positioning for corporate boards recruitment, identifying and securing a top-notch career advancement team, driving organizational innovation and managing social media as a tool for professional advancement. Confirmed speakers include: Niara Consulting CEO, Jodi Brockington; Lardon & Associates Managing Director, Donna James; State Farm Vice President of Human Resources, Annette R. Martinez; Gilead Sciences Inc. SVP and Chief Financial Officer, Robin Washington; Author and Former Girls Inc. President and CEO, Joyce Roche; AARP Multicultural Markets VP, Edna Kane-Williams; JP Morgan Chase Managing Director, Valerie Rainford; Spencer Stuart Partner, Sharon Hall; Spelman College President, Beverly Daniels Tatum; Pepsico SVP and Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Pamela Culpepper; Comcast Community Investment VP & Foundation President, Charisse R. Lillie; and Bank of America SVP of Diversity & Inclusion/Leadership, Development Cynthia H. Bowman.The host sponsor of the Women of Power Summit is State Farm Insurance. Presenting sponsors include Comcast NBC Universal, EMC, Gatorade, Lays, Lincoln Motor Company, Pepsi, Quaker, Tropicana and Walmart. Platinum sponsors include Abbott Vascular, FedEx, Hilton Worldwide, Intel and Macy’s. Corporate sponsors include PepsiCo, Bank of America and Southwest Airlines.For more information on the speakers and agenda of the 2014 Women of Power Summit, go to Also, for updates via Twitter and other social media sites, check the hash tags #BEWomenofPower and #BEWPS.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

The Elders Urge Indonesia To Take Bold Steps To Accelerate Progress Towards

first_imgThe Elders concluded a two-day visit to Indonesia with a call for the government to take bolder fiscal, political and social measures to accelerate progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC), building on impressive achievements in recent years.Gro Harlem Brundtland and Ernesto Zedillo meet President Joko Widowo during a visit to Indonesia Credit/Copyright: ANTARA /Puspa PerwitasariGro Harlem Brundtland and Ernesto Zedillo visited the Indonesian capital Jakarta on 28-29 November for meetings with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) at the Presidential Palace, accompanied by Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, Health Minister Nila Moeloek and Finance Minister Sri Mulyani.They also visited the Kebon Jeruk Puskesmas (health centre) in west Jakarta, meeting patients, staff and local residents. The Elders also consulted with civil society organisations and held a briefing for local media.Indonesia has the biggest single-payer health system in the world (covering 181 million people), and has committed to reaching full population coverage by 2019.The Elders congratulated President Jokowi on Indonesia’s progress to date. However they also expressed their concern about the fact that Indonesia’s rightly ambitious plan to achieve UHC is significantly under-financed. They suggested that without fiscal revenues stemming from additional general taxation, progress towards effective UHC could prove too slow.The Elders also conveyed to President Jokowi and other high level Indonesian officials their worries about the high rate of tobacco consumption in the country. Higher taxes on tobacco could both deter consumption and provide more resources for health financing. In the longer term, they urged a modification of Indonesia’s policies on tobacco production to promote alternative, less harmful crops.Gro Harlem Brundtland, Deputy Chair of The Elders and former Director-General of the World Health Organization, said:“Indonesia has taken significant steps towards improving access to healthcare in recent years, and I am convinced President Jokowi can reach his goal of covering all the people of Indonesia by 2019, if the government commits further resources to the health budget. The level of public health financing and the overall tax yield is still too low to deliver effective public services; increasing taxes on products harmful to public health such as tobacco would be a step in the right direction.”Ernesto Zedillo, Elder and former President of Mexico, added:“The healthcare debate in Indonesia stands in stark contrast to some countries in the world, notably in the United States, that are moving away from universal coverage. Here, President Jokowi, government ministers and civil society are all trying to find ways to increase coverage and bolster social protection. I am encouraged by the meetings we have had here, and urge the authorities to be even bolder in committing greater resources to the health system, taxing harmful products and promoting greater accountability.”The Elders believe Universal Health Coverage is the best way to achieve the overall health Sustainable Development Goal, and will join with civil society organisations and activists worldwide on UHC Day, 12 December, to promote their campaign so no-one is denied the healthcare they need because of a lack of financial resources.last_img read more

50 Experts Sign Letter As Parliament Prepares To Debate UK Fur Ban

first_imgAs Parliament prepares to debate a UK ban on fur imports next week, 50 veterinary and animal behaviour experts including UN Ambassador of Peace and world renowned conservationist Dr Jane Goodall, have joined with #FurFreeBritain campaigners from animal charity Humane Society International/UK in writing to Environment Secretary Michael Gove.In a letter to the Minister they express their “concern at the severe animal welfare deficiencies inherent to the fur trade” and point to the “worrying, even distressing evidence of persistently poor welfare conditions”.Wildlife expert Chris Packham has also sent MPs an impassioned video message to support #FurFreeBritain, in which he says the fur trade is “entirely repugnant” and urges them to ignore welfare-washing by the fur trade which he calls “nonsense”.Fur farming was banned in the UK in 2000, but since that time Britain has imported animal fur worth more than £650 million from countries such as Italy, France, Poland, China and Russia where animals are typically bred in appalling conditions on fur farms. Humane Society International believes that’s a double standard that must be addressed by a UK fur import ban. The UK imported almost £75 million of animal fur in the last year alone. With more than 130 million animals killed for their fur globally, HSI UK estimates that some 2million animals a year could be suffering and dying for fur imported into the UK.Read the full letter hereAnimal charity Humane Society International UK which leads the #FurFreeBritan campaign for a UK fur import ban, says the veterinarians’ letter and Chris Packham’s video plea serves to remind MPs to be beware of ‘welfare washing’ by the fur trade. At a recent fur inquiry evidence session, Fur Europe told members of the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee that keeping foxes in small, wire cages for their entire life is natural and that such wild species are domesticated, astonishing assertions refuted as ‘inaccurate’ by the veterinary and animal behaviour experts.Claire Bass from HSI UK says: “It beggars belief that the fur trade would attempt to convince MPs that keeping a fox in a small wire cage for the whole of its life could ever be considered natural or acceptable. Our letter with veterinary and animal welfare experts thoroughly debunks that claim; the life of an animal on a fur farm is one of monotonous deprivation, in which the relentless boredom and lack of space can trigger the repetitive pacing and spinning so indicative of mental disturbance. No amount of PR-spin can conceal the fact that these animals are suffering. By importing fur from farms overseas, the UK is propping up a trade that has misery and torment at its very heart. We hope that this experts’ letter and the powerful words by Chris Packham, will remind MPs to beware of ‘welfare washing’ by the fur trade. If the government wants to lead the world in animal welfare then it must call time on this trade in this suffering.”Signatories to the experts’ letter include Alick Simmons, former UK Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer; Professor Alastair MacMillan, former DEFRA veterinarian; Andrew Knight, Professor of Animal Welfare & Ethics at the University of Winchester, as well as TV vets and presenters Marc Abraham, Emma Milne, Scott Miller, James Greenwood, and Chris Packham.The experts’ letter reads: “Wild animals on fur farms live their lives in wire-floored cages thousands of times smaller than their natural territories. They are denied their biological inheritance to exhibit natural behaviours and stimulations such as hunting, digging and swimming. And they can be kept in what is for them unnatural social groups. For example naturally solitary mink are compelled to live in very close proximity to each other. These features of fur farms can inevitably lead to psychological stresses. Instances of stereotypical behaviour, a sign of compromised psychological well-being, have been well documented on fur farms, as has cannibalism, untreated wounds, foot deformities and eye infections.”The fur industry has funded various welfare certification schemes over the years in an attempt to welfare-wash fur, however such schemes rarely require more than the minimum legally required and lack sufficient standards and enrichments necessary for a wild animal to behave naturally in a cage.The Fur Free Britain campaign is calling on the government to make the UK a fur-free zone by extending the current import ban on fur from cats, dogs and commercial seal hunts, to include all fur-bearing species including foxes, rabbits, mink, coyotes, raccoon dogs, and chinchillas.last_img read more

Jimmy And Rosalynn Carter Work Project Heads To Indiana

first_imgThis year’s Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project heads to Indiana this week.It’s a milestone 35th build project for Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Carter, who will work alongside future homeowners and hundreds of other volunteers to build or improve 41 homes in Mishawaka and South Bend.“We look forward to welcoming President and Mrs. Carter to Mishawaka for this transformational and inspiring project,” said Jim Williams, executive director of Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County.Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood will also join the build project.last_img

Journey Down the Rabbit Hole – Meet Lindsey Middleton

first_imgAdvertisement 1. What drew you to this story? How it can make you laugh and cry in the same sentence, I believe that is the best story telling.2. Tell me a little bit about your character. Wild Child Izzy. A bit of a “fuck up” (in her own words) and an unpredictable, wild child that I am so excited to play!3. How are you similar/ different to your character? I enjoy a party as much as the next person (maybe a little bit more than the next person), but Izzy and I definitely differ in her lack of direction. I’ve also been very … Facebook Advertisement Advertisement Lindsey Middleton is best known for playing Vanessa on the internationally award winning, Toronto based web series, Out With Dad. Lindsey also co-produced her own spin off series called Vanessa’s Story and recently won the 2015 IAWTV Award for Best Female Performance in a Drama for her role.Lindsey is also a very active member in the Toronto theatre community. A graduate of U of T Mississauga and Sheridan College’s Theatre and Drama Studies Program, a co-funder of Well Fought Theatre Company and Theatre By Committee. Lindsey recently starred in Theatre By Committee’s remount of FAITH and be sure to look for her in the new IPF winning web series Squadron 86.Lindsey has also co-created a brand new documentary web series HappyHer focused on sharing women’s stories about happiness from all over the world. To watch some exciting news about their upcoming adventure click HERE. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: Twitterlast_img read more

Find out what the UBCPACTRA NOMINEES have to say about being a

first_imgBEST ACTRESS Advertisement Alex BarimaThe best part of being a performer in BC, is the people, hands down.  The crews here are incredibly hardworking, experienced, talented, and generous. Everyone here takes great pleasure and great pride in their work. Advertisement Facebook Ben RatnerI have been a UBCP/ACTRA member since the beginning — I’m member # 980 — and it’s great to see how many of us have persevered and flourished, helping to pave the way for the vastly talented next generation of BC actors. The opportunities out there have never been greater for performers of all types and ages. Do the work and make it happen! Ty OlssonThat Vancouver is a hotbed for young, creative and passionate filmmakers who are pushing the independent industry productions to new heights. There is just so much talent through the entire industry here. Crews, actors, directors, writers… we have it all and are finally starting to really show case our skills in BC made film and TV. Rukiya BernardWe are living in the golden age of TV and soooooo much of it is shot right here in BC. Nothing better than being a working mom and bringing my kids to set to see what I do and then being able to tuck them into bed at the end of the day (should I get off early enough;-) Advertisement We asked each nominee “What is the best thing about being a performer in BC right now?” Here is what they said:BEST ACTORcenter_img Tammy GillisThe best thing about being a performer in BC right now is the amount and range of opportunity that exists here, as well as being able to work with so many friends and familiar faces.  I’ve worked really hard to get to this point in my career and I am truly living my dream.  I am very grateful and having the time of my life! Jennifer SpenceQuantity, quality and accessibility. I feel like it’s another golden age of television right now and it’s far reaching both in where it’s shot and how it’s seen. It’s also so encouraging to see the various programs that continue to crop up to support creators of diverse backgrounds in our community and beyond. We have a ways to go but I do believe things are gradually changing in a positive direction. Richard HarmonI’ve been working in this town for the majority of my career, I grew up here. Over time I’ve made friends and even family out of my fellow BC film community. Coming to work everyday not only to a job I love but also coworkers I love and respect is about as cushy a situation as one could ask for in my opinion  Chelah HorsdalBesides the obvious of being able to be at home in my own bed every night, I love that I’m surrounded by people with whom I’ve grown. We have a shared history that brings me a deep comfort and sense of ease. Being on a set that feels like home is due simply to the people who inhabit it.  Adrian HolmesIt’s my home and it’s always nice to work in your backyard. Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Twitterlast_img read more

Leonard George TsleilWaututh elder actor and community leader dies

first_imgAdvertisement As an elder and chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, he was known for his wisdom, wit and work to protect First Nation’s land, water, resources and culture.Very saddened to hear of the passing of Leonard George. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends, family and Nation – I will remember him fondly as a leader of the @tsleilwaututh and a friend. #RIP— Jody Wilson-Raybould (@Puglaas) December 7, 2017He also made economic strides for his community, initiating Takaya Developments, a real-estate development company majority owned by the Tsleil-Waututh Nation.READ MORE Advertisement Advertisement Twitter Login/Register With: Leonard George, a beloved leader of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, has died at the age of 71.Born in North Vancouver on Aug. 18, 1946, George was the son of the late Chief Dan George and his wife Amy.Like his father, George was an accomplished actor and shone on screen in classics such as as Smoke Signals and Call of the Wild. Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment last_img read more

What goes on in a TV writers room Dennis Heaton answers our

first_img“For me, a writers’ room is a combination of a confessional booth and An Evening at the Improv,” says Heaton in a recent interview. “It’s got to be a place where everybody is able to talk about the stuff that you can’t talk about at a dinner party, and you know that that embarrassing story you’re going to tell about the worst date you ever had in your life that ended in you misunderstanding a social cue and making a complete ass out of yourself is not going to be shared publicly with everybody else. It’s got to be an extremely safe space.”Oh, and it should have at least one couch, adds Heaton – and ample wall space for corkboards and Post-It notes.Heaton has a standing list of rules for the writers’ room that he’ll run through at the beginning of every session, even if it’s with a group of returning writers: Best idea wins; improv rules apply (“Nobody is allowed to shoot down somebody else’s idea with a ‘no,’” he says. Login/Register With: Advertisement Facebook Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement There are few places on Earth quite like a television writers’ room, according to Dennis Heaton.Heaton has spent hundreds of hours in writers’ rooms, as a scribe and producer on shows like Motive, Ghost Wars, and The Order, the last of which will hit Netflix next spring. He’s also the president of the Writers Guild of Canada.If anyone can answer our burning questions about the inner workings of a writers’ room, it’s Dennis Heaton. Twitterlast_img read more


first_imgAdvertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Login/Register With: Twitter Facebook This immediately raised eyebrows in the music industry, with many linking Grande’s manager Scooter Braun to the bot claims after he insisted they’d “handle it” in a now-deleted tweet.Grande then liked the following tweet, causing more of a frenzy online: Universal Music China released a statement Wednesday amid claims Chinese-Canadian star Kris Wu had dominated the iTunes charts through fraudulent means.Ariana Grande fans speculated that Wu had been using bots to bag the top seven song rankings after he managed to block Grande from the No. 1 spot with her latest single “thank u, next”.Wu, who signed a global deal with Universal back in April, is said to have had relatively low streaming figures with his album Antares, which was released Friday, despite his success in the charts.The fact that kris wu was using bots shows what kind of person he really is…— ? the church of Lana ? (@fenty_xgrande) November 7, 2018 Advertisementlast_img read more

The politics of being Aboriginal Part II

first_imgPART I PART II PART IIIAPTN InvestigatesA Winnipeg research firm has broken new ground.For the first time, a polling firm has surveyed First Nations and Metis people to find out their support for various political parties.APTN Investigates reporter Melissa Ridgen has an exclusive look at the results and what it all means to the major political parties.last_img