Man Scales Eiffel Tower Causes Shut Down and Evacuation

Rabat – The Eiffel Tower in Paris is under lockdown until further notice, as an unknown man attempts to climb the iconic monument. The lockdown began reportedly began at 2:15 p.m. local time, leaving tourists already at the monument stuck as the situations unfolds.Videos of the man scaling the 1000 foot structure as rescue worked to attempt to save him are circulating on social media as people look on anxiously. The man appears to be two-thirds of the way up the tower.DEVELOPING: The Eiffel Tower has been closed to the public as someone attempts to scale the landmark.— ABC News (@ABC) May 20, 2019A spokesman for the fire brigade in Paris confirmed that firefighters are at the scene and have established contact with the individual attempting to climb the tower. The motives of the man remain unclear. At approximately 3:00 pm, the live stream was suddenly cut off causing many to speculate the man fell to his death. All live streaming of the Eiffel Tower has been cut and people are being pushed right back. Somethings wrong.— Tillie Anne (@getup_and_glow) May 20, 2019More details to be revealed as the situation progresses.Read also: Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Catches Fire, Spire Collapses read more

UNESCO awards recognize young scientists contributions to biodiversity

Young scientists from around the world working on projects ranging from working to conserve mangrove forests in Iran to conserving orchids in Cuba have been recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for their work on biodiversity.Eleven people have been selected as winners of UNESCO’s 2009 Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Young Scientist Awards, and they will each receive a cash price of up to $5,000 for their research on ecosystems and biodiversity focusing on sustainable interaction between people and their environment.One of this year’s award recipients, Khalid Osman Hiwytala of Sudan, was recognized for his work on the impact of the Umbararow tribe’s border migration on Dinder Biosphere Reserve, a biosphere reserve situated along the border to Ethiopia.Two other winners, Paula Irrazabal and Soledad Contreras of Chile, are being honoured for their research on the effect of habitat disturbances on mammal species in Torres del Paine National Park and Biosphere Reserve.Two scientists – Boshra Salem of Egypt and Gorshkov Yu of Russia – will also share the Michel Batisse grant, awarded every two years for biosphere reserve management case studies.Biosphere reserves are sites taking innovative approaches to conservation, ecological sciences and sustainable development which are recognized under UNESCO’s MAB Programme. Currently, there are 531 such sites in over 100 countries. 18 February 2009Young scientists from around the world working on projects ranging from working to conserve mangrove forests in Iran to conserving orchids in Cuba have been recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for their work on biodiversity. read more

Navy arrests 54 asylum seekers

The Navy arrested 54 people who were heading for Australia in a multi-day trawler in the early hours of today off Mirissa.According to the Navy, the trawler named “Shadishna” was intercepted by a Fast Naval Patrol Craft attached to the Southern Naval Command 06 nautical miles off Mirissa. Among the arrested asylum seekers were 47 Tamils, 05 Sinhalese and 02 Muslims.Those arrested are residents of Jaffna, Vavuniya, Colombo, Kilinochchi, Mullaithivu and Trincomalee. They were escorted to the Galle Harbour to be handed over to the CID for further investigations.

Fire destroys barn near Courtland

Damage is estimated at $350,000 after fire gutted a barn Friday night on Highway 3, just west of Courtland.Norfolk’s assistant fire chief Scott Pipe said no animals were in the barn and no one was injured.Someone driving by the farm spotted the smoke and flames just after 7 p.m. and called 911.Firefighters from four stations arrived to find the fire raging, said Pipe.“They ended up having to bring in heavy equipment to tear down parts of the barn to deal with the fire.“It was very cold and there was a strong wind. It was a real challenge for the crews.”Pipe said firefighters were at the scene for several hours. Hydro One workers, OPP traffic control officers and paramedics were also called in, along with trucks to salt the roads for fire equipment.Because of the rural location of the fire, extra water tankers also were brought in.Damage to the barn is estimated at $200,000 and the building’s contents at $150,000. read more

UN US need each other in relationship of productive interdependence Annan

“The relationship must be seen as one of productive interdependence,” Mr. Annan told an audience at the University of Pittsburgh, where he was delivering the ninth annual HJ Heinz Company Foundation Distinguished Lecture and was given an honorary degree.”There is a widespread fear in the international community that some of the key assumptions on which international order has been based since 1945 may be breaking down. The war in Iraq upset a great many people because they saw two permanent members of the Security Council taking military action without the support of the council as a whole, or of the wider membership of the United Nations,” he said.”I myself share those concerns,” he added.Mr. Annan reminded the audience that he had told the General Assembly last month “it is not enough to denounce unilateralism, unless we also face up squarely to the concerns that make some States feel uniquely vulnerable, since it is those concerns that drive them to take unilateral action.”And, he added today, “It is up to all those who believe in a collective system of security to show that these concerns, such as the fear of terrorists using weapons of mass destruction, can still be addressed more effectively through collective action.”“I believe profoundly that the United States and the United Nations need one another. The United States needed the United Nations as an instrument to pursue peace in Cambodia, Mozambique, El Salvador, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, East Timor and many other war-torn countries. I doubt if any nation – even the United States – would have been willing or able to shoulder these burdens on its own. But equally, the United Nations could never have played the role it did in all these countries without the United States. The relationship must be seen as one of productive interdependence.”Noting that the United States had sought, and achieved, an agreement in the Security Council on Iraq, the Secretary-General said, “I believe it did so because it recognized the need to engage with others and listen to their concerns – in a forum whose legitimacy is recognized and where responsibility is shared.”Mr. Annan also said there were many other such examples. “Can any one nation by itself tackle the problem of global warming or protecting the environment? Can any one nation advance the cause of human rights and bring to justice those guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity? Can any one nation by itself win the war on terrorism or prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction or stop the trafficking in illegal drugs?” he said.Earlier Tuesday, the Secretary-General received a check for $10,000, presented by a group of children on behalf of Heinz employees, for the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to support its work to provide youngsters with safe and balanced nutrition.After that, he attended a luncheon with the city’s political, academic, business and community leaders. Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy presented him with the keys to the city. read more

Anticipating peace UN agency laying groundwork for refugee returns in southern Sudan

As negotiators in Kenya continue efforts to hammer out an accord ending two decades of war, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has dispatched an eight-person team of aid workers to Sudan, which is roughly five times the size of France.Following meetings in the capital Khartoum, the team travelled to Juba and other areas of southern Sudan and met with provincial officials and partner agency representatives to review the needs for a possible repatriation operation.The 20-year civil war in Sudan has uprooted an estimated 4 million people inside the country, while a further 570,000 are living in neighbouring States as refugees, with the largest numbers in Uganda (223,000), followed by Chad (95,000), Ethiopia (88,000) and Kenya (69,000).While visiting both Khartoum and southern Sudan last November, High Commissioner Ruud Lubbers told both President Omar Al Bashir and John Garang, the leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), that UNHCR wanted to support the return of refugees.Mr. Lubbers also warned that the return of refugees must be sustainable, and that considerable help would be needed by a host of partners to establish rehabilitation and reconstruction activities throughout the ravaged country.Two decades of war and the region’s economic collapse have left many parts of Sudan severely impoverished, according to UNHCR. Roads are in extremely poor condition throughout the south, a vast region with only the slow-moving Nile River forming a common artery. read more

Iraq will ask multinational forces to leave some areas once it can

As Iraq’s own forces gain the capacity to provide security in certain cities, the Government will ask the multinational forces to leave them, the country’s Prime Minister told the United Nations General Assembly today.“The Iraqi forces continue building and training to take over all security matters and not depend on the multinational forces for its security,” said Prime Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari. “However, the time has not come for it to be completely independent, even though some Iraqi cities have prepared to do so. Therefore, we will be asking the multinational forces to leave these cities once we are ready.”He hailed the progress achieved to date. After having been freed from the 35-year dictatorship, “our people can rightly be proud today of having, in record time, in spite of all the obstacles and challenges facing Iraq, had a recently successful political journey, starting with the election in January,” he said.A referendum on the constitution would be held next month, paving the way for the rule of law to prevail so that all men and women will enjoy equal rights. “We are marching resolutely towards political stability and economic prosperity,” he said.Terrorist acts and assassinations in Iraq were declining, and economic activity was on the increase, he said, urging creditor nations to cancel Iraq’s debt. “I call on the nations to fulfill the promises they made during the International Conferences held in Madrid, Brussels, and finally in Jordan to provide financial aid to Iraq.”He paid tribute to the “constructive role” played by the UN and its “tireless efforts” to help the Iraqi people. “We look forward to having the United Nations return to Iraq and re-open its offices to back up the reconstruction process,” he said.He also called for the international community to adopt a programme to preserve Iraq’s rich archeological heritage. read more

UN forum on Palestinian rights adopts declaration urging new system to protect

A United Nations forum on Palestinian rights meeting in Malaysia has adopted a Declaration decrying recent deaths in the Middle East and calling for a new system to protect civilians there.Convened under the auspices of the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, the meeting adopted the Kuala Lumpur Declaration, which urged the UN to establish in cooperation with the parties a general mechanism for the protection of civilians on the ground.It also called upon the international community, including the members of the Quartet – made up of the UN, United States, Russia and the European Union – to establish a credible and effective third-party monitoring mechanism. Welcoming the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the Declaration said it should be extended to the West Bank and supported by tangible political steps that would allow the parties to engage in a meaningful political dialogue. The participants emphasized that the root cause of the conflict is the continuing occupation of the Palestinian territory and said this long-standing conflict would have no final settlement without the achievement by the Palestinian people of their inalienable rights, including the right to return. The Declaration voiced concern at the escalation in recent months of Israeli military attacks in the Gaza Strip, “particularly the tragic events that had taken place in the town of Beit Hanoun” where 19 people were killed. The participants denounced the use of excessive and indiscriminate force, extrajudicial killings, and the vast destruction of homes, civilian infrastructure and agricultural lands. “They reminded Israel, the occupying Power, that it has to respect its obligations under international humanitarian law. They also called for the cessation of rocket attacks on Israel carried out by Palestinian groups from the Gaza Strip. These actions put civilians in serious danger and only aggravate an already grave security situation,” the Declaration stated. Condemning “the continuing construction of the wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in and around East Jerusalem, in contravention of the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice” (ICJ), they welcomed the General Assembly’s recent establishment of a Register of Damage on the issue. Israel claims the barrier is necessary to keep out terrorists.The participants expressed frustration at the deepening economic, social and humanitarian crisis and isolation of the Gaza Strip and criticized Israel for withholding of tax revenues due to the Palestinian Authority. Israel stopped handing over tax and customs revenues it collects on behalf of the PA, and international donors suspended direct aid, calling on Hamas to commit to non-violence, recognize Israel and accept previously signed agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. The Declaration urged Israel to lift restrictions on “the freedom of movement and other measures stifling the economic and social life of the Palestinians, and to resume the transfer of collected Palestinian tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority in keeping with signed agreements.”The Declaration urged donors to give generously to the recently launched emergency appeal by 12 UN agencies and 14 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) aimed at addressing a rapidly worsening humanitarian situation. They expressed appreciation to countries which had been generous providers of assistance to the Palestinian people. The participants strongly supported continuing efforts of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas aimed at forming a Government of National Unity “that is capable of achieving maximum support of the Palestinian people and capable of fulfilling its responsibilities vis-à-vis the international community.”The Kuala Lumpur Declaration was adopted Saturday by representatives of governments, Palestine, intergovernmental organizations, UN entities, parliaments, civil society and the media as well as international experts.On Sunday, the Committee convened the UN Forum of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People to examine initiatives by civil society in Asia and the Pacific in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Participants discussed legislative and political advocacy; efforts by NGOs, religious groups and the media aimed at mobilizing public opinion in support of the Palestinian people, and the role of academic institutions and think tanks in this effort. read more

After recent attacks on Afghan aid workers UN official urges respect for

According to a statement issued over the weekend by Mark Bowden, on 26 November, three Afghans working for a village development project in southern Uruzgan Province were killed by a remote-controlled explosive device. Further, on 27 November, six Afghans working with the French aid organisation ACTED were ambushed by gunmen as they were travelling in Faryab Province in north-western Afghanistan. A seventh Afghan staff member was seriously injured in that attack and is being treated in a local hospital.“These tragic incidents illustrate the growing risks surrounding the delivery of aid and the increasing disrespect for humanitarian personnel in Afghanistan, which was identified as the most dangerous country for aid workers by the October 2013 Aid Worker Security Report,” Mr. Bowden said.So far in 2013 in Afghanistan, the UN has recorded 237 incidences against humanitarian personnel, facilities and assets. These account for 36 deaths, 24 detentions, 46 injuries and the abduction of 72 personnel.He said he is extremely concerned about this trend at a time when the country is in the midst of a difficult transition that may lead to increased humanitarian needs. “I call upon all actors to respect and uphold the neutrality, impartiality and independence of humanitarian workers and to abide by international humanitarian laws,” he decalred read more

Ebola cases no longer rising in Guinea Liberia UN health agency reports

Earlier today, UN Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Sahel, Robert Piper, had appealed for funding for Ebola preparedness in the swath of Africa consisting of Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal making up one of the poorest regions in the world.WHO, in its most recent update, said the evolving Ebola outbreak “highlights the considerable risk of cases being imported into unaffected countries.”“With adequate levels of preparation, however, such introductions of the disease can be contained before they develop into large outbreaks,” it said.WHO attributed the success of Nigeria and Senegal in halting Ebola transmission to “strong political leadership, early detection and response, public awareness campaigns, and strong support from partner organizations.”The United Nations and its partners are accelerating the deployment of preparedness strengthening teams to help countries build upon their existing work and planning, and this week, teams have been deployed to Benin, Burkina Faso, Gambia and Senegal, it said.Meanwhile in Mali today, the head of the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), Anthony Banbury, explored ways to support the Government not only in its efforts to end the current crisis, but to put in place the necessary capacity to react quickly should there be any new cases in the future.There have been 6 reported cases of Ebola with 5 deaths in Mali to date.Mr. Banbury met President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta and the Minister of Health and Public Hygiene, Ousmane Koné, and praised their leadership in managing the crisis, including through the appointment of a national coordinator, Professor Samba Sow. “A strong national leadership is an absolutely essential component of an effective response to the Ebola crisis,” Mr. Banbury said. “The President is playing that role and the United Nations is committed to supporting him and his government in bringing this crisis to a close.”He also said there are two major differences in the situation in Mali as compared to the other affected countries. “One, there are many, many fewer cases. There’s a just a small number now so that there’s a chance to end the crisis before it spreads, before it becomes a real crisis the way we’ve seen it in the other countries. Mr. Banbury said the second difference is that “we have the chance to learn from the lessons of the past, the experiences of the other countries, to take the actions that are necessary now to prevent it from spreading.” And while those might have been “unfortunate experiences” in the other countries, at least UNMEER knows what went wrong. “We know what we need to do to put the crisis to an end, and we have the chance to do that now here in Mali before it spreads so it doesn’t kill more people in this country.” The WHO report issued late today in Geneva said 15,145 cases of Ebola virus disease had been reported in six affected countries (Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Spain and the United States of America) and two previously affected countries (Nigeria and Senegal) with 5,420 reported deaths.A total of 584 health-care workers are known to have been infected, 329 of whom have died, according to the report.“In the three countries with widespread and intense transmission, reported case incidence is no longer increasing nationally in Guinea and Liberia, but is still increasing in Sierra Leone,” the report said. “The outbreaks in Guinea and Liberia now appear to be driven by intense transmission in several key districts, whereas transmission is intense throughout the north and west of Sierra Leone,” where “the worst affected area remains the capital, Freetown,” it said.The report said the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is the lead agency in social mobilization during this outbreak and that a joint WHO-UNICEF team visited Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to review and assist them with their social mobilization plans.WHO identified the 15 countries that have been prioritized for technical assistance on preparedness from specialist WHO teams and partners: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Cote D’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Senegal, South Sudan, and Togo. read more

Shootout at bar in Uitvlugt leaves 2 injured 4 on the

Two men were injured during the wee hours of this morning after four gunmen stormed into the bar they were in, at Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara (WCD) and shot at them.The injured customers who were imbibing at the institution have not yet been identified but Inews was told that the incident occurred around 01:00hrs on Wednesday morning.Speaking with this publication, the owner of the bar, who identified herself only as “shorty,” said that the four men entered the premises initially as customers.They called on a waitress and requested three beers, but produced only $500 to pay with. As such, the waitress informed them that they could only get two beers for the amount they were paying. The men reportedly accepted the two beverages instead of three.Shortly after, the men called on the waitress again and requested $100 in cigarettes. However, when they were only provided with two cigarettes, one of the four requested to speak to the owner.The waitress informed them that the owner asked not be disturbed. The four men reportedly persisted but the young lady held her ground.The four men then left the bar and return armed with guns which they used to shoot at the two customers who also happened to be armed, and returned fire.Blood splatters from the shooting reportedly belonging to the injured customers  The bar owner related that “suddenly, the door spun open and the four men stood holding fire arms. They started shooting at the two men, who returned fire.”The waitress who was on duty at the time reportedly contacted the police but they failed to respond.After several minutes, the four gunmen fled the scene, leaving the two men injured.Inews understands that after half an hour passed and the police had not arrived, one of the injured men drove, with his injured colleague in tow, to the Leonora Police Station. However, ranks there quickly directed him to the West Demerara Regional Hospital for treatment.Investigations are ongoing. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related1 hospitalised, 3 in custody after shooting out at Bar  April 20, 2019Similar postArmed bandits rob Chinese-run supermarket at Industry – fled scene on CG motorcyclesNovember 11, 2016In “Crime”UPDATE: TRIPLE MURDER ROCKS BLACK BUSH POLDERJuly 22, 2016In “Crime” read more

Fusion works New club KIF Copenhagen

There were many rumours saying that a new strong club needs to be created in Denmark after the bankruptcy of AG Kobenhavn, and the rumours have now become reality. A fusion has occured between KIF Kolding and AG Kobenhavn, and now the new club will be named KIF Copenhagen. The team will play the games on two different places, Kolding and Copenhagen, west and east of Denmark. The club should continue where AG Kobenhavn stopped, winning the Champions League. The budget of the new club is 15,000,000 Euros, and the club sent requests to the EHF to participate in the some competition.Venio Losert, Kasper Hvidt, Joachim Boldsen, Lars Jorgensen, Lasse Boesen, Kasper Irming, Bo Spellerberg are the names of the players that agreed to participate in the new project. Mikkel Hansen and Kim Andersson, the two biggest stars have apparently refused to join this project and in search of new clubs. Hansen is linked with Paris HC while Kim Andersson is linked with HSV Hamburg.The new clubs director will be the one of KIF Kolding, Jens Boesen (photo).photo: ← Previous Story Fuchse Berlin wins EVFH-Cup! Next Story → Mikkel Hansen next four years at Paris Handball! ag kobenhavnagkanderssonboesenboldsenhansenhvidtirmingjorgensenkif copenhagenKIF Koldinglosertspellerberg read more

How snowflakes are formed and why they are sometimes identical

first_imgEveryone has heard the line that no two snowflakes are the same. This is, in fact, only true in certain situations. Depending on how the snow falls and the environment it has to travel through, snowflakes could be more similar than you think.In order for two snowflakes to be identical, they would need to bond to a nearly identical spec of dust as droplets of water and fall to the ground in nearly identical circumstances. Snowflakes change radically as they fall to the ground due to the temperature in the air, air pressure, and the way the air moves around the forming flake. Due to the size of the snowflake, the hexagonal structure remains symmetrical as it falls through the different environments. Each stage of the snowflake’s growth is affected as it falls to the ground, and since it is rarely perfectly still during a snowfall you will not often come across two identical snowflakes. Even if you found two identical snowflakes in the same snowfall, you likely wouldn’t find two identical flakes in two different snowfalls.The team at Bytesize Science made a video explaining the theory of how a snowlake is made. The most impressive part of the description is observing how many times this tiny drop of water changes as it falls to the ground. These changes can’t be observed in real time, obviously, but the explanation provides some great insight into why it is unlikely but still possible for there to be identical snowflakes given perfectly identical circumstances.Aside from being able to drop a science filled “well, actually” during a conversation with family this season, there’s not much you can do with this information but watch the video again and smile as you experience something as unique as watching a single snowflake fall to the ground.last_img read more

Celebrating the International Day of the Hellenic Language at the 23rd Annual

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Australian Hellenic Educators’ Association celebrated the International Day of the Hellenic Language in style, with the Presentation Ceremony for the 23rd Hellenic Studies Awards at the Parliament House of New South Wales on Thursday 8 February 2018. Under the aegis of Consul-General Christos Karras and in close cooperation with the Consulate-General, educators were honoured for their contributions to Hellenic Studies, while students were recognised for their achievements in this field.In the presence of 420 parliamentarians, educators, students, parents and friends, this is the largest celebration of Hellenic Studies in Australia. The 9th of February, a Memorial Day for the National Poet of Hellas, Dionysios Solomos, was proclaimed by the Hellenic government last year as the International Day of the Hellenic Language.“The enactment of the International Day of the Hellenic Language constitutes an act of recognition of the contribution of the Hellenic language to world civilisation and brings to mind that the language of the Hellenes led to the birth of the universal values which adds meaning to the modern civilised world,” Mr Karras said.“The Australian Hellenic Educators’ Association is the sole community organisation which organises an event to simultaneously honour educators and students,” Dr Panayiotis Diamadis added.The highest honour – the Ayios Kosmas o Aitolos Award for service to Hellenic Studies – was presented to Professor Martina Möllering of Macquarie University, in recognition for many years of service to Hellenic education. Speaking in Hellenic and English, Professor Möllering focussed on the value of studying Hellenic language and literature, praising the value of Hellenic civilisation.Minister for Veterans’ Affairs the David Elliott MP, the Hon. Courtney Houssos MLC, Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism the Hon. Sophie Cotsis MP and the Director of the Lysikrates Foundation, Mr John Azarias were all on the same wavelength.A total of 153 individual awards were given across six categories: – for educators (5 awards), – for primary school students (21 awards), – for the Hellenic Ministry of Education’s Certificate of Hellenic Language and Culture (which has six categories, 59 awards), – for Higher School Certificate achievers in seven different courses, 64 awards) – for tertiary students across three universities (four awards).last_img read more

Saunders defends Klopps team selection in Liverpool defeat

first_imgFormer Liverpool striker Dean Saunders has risen to Jurgen Klopp’s defence following the club’s shock FA Cup exit to Wolves on MondayThe German coach made nine changes to the line-up that lost 2-1 to Manchester City last week with three teenagers debuting at Molineux.But goals from Raul Jimenez and Ruben Neves sealed Wolves a 2-1 win and handed a second successive defeat for Liverpool on the night.Although Saunders insists Klopp is right to give priority to other competitions, while defending his team selection.“I find it difficult to criticise him [Klopp] because he’s got a point,” Saunders told talkSPORT on Twitter.“The Premier League and the Champions League are the targets for the club.“He’s made nine changes, so that team he put out last night has never played with each other before.“He did come out and say he took a risk. He changed the goalkeeper, the whole back four was different, Lovren and Milner were the only two that were unchanged.”Liverpool haven’t progressed past the fourth round in the FA Cup for the last three seasons under Klopp.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“Traditionally, in this country, everybody loves the FA Cup,” Saunders added.“But then you get managers coming over, foreign managers who probably don’t understand how important it is, plus the money that’s involved in the Premier League.”The Reds will next take on Brighton in the Premier League this Saturday.”I find it hard to criticise Klopp.””The Premier League and the Champions League are the targets.”Dean Saunders says Jurgen Klopp was right to make 9 changes to his #LFC side last night.Do you agree? 🤔— talkSPORT (@talkSPORT) January 8, 2019last_img read more

Source Interlink Reports Revenue Spike

first_imgIn the fourth quarter, which was the first to include financials from the Primediaacquisition, Duckworth described a robust digital division but struggling printside. “Our digital platform posted a 63 percent increase in advertising.This growth was offset by a challenging advertising environment in printleading to a revenue decline of two percent from the comparable period lastyear. EBITDA decreased $700,000, or three percent, from the same quarter lastyear due to both top-line impact and increased cost for paper, ink anddelivery-factors impacting the entire publishing industry.”Duckworth added that due to continued investment in digital (for fiscal2009, the company expects to spend $14 million of its $39 million capitalexpeditures on digital) unique visitors increased 17 percent and full-yearrevenues grew 25 percent.Of the company’s four divisions, magazine fulfillment saw the highestyear-to-date growth at 17.4 percent to $950 million.Source to Increase Newsstand Cover PricesMeanwhile, Source continues to manage costs through a combination of priceincreases and consolidating distribution services. Through consolidatingdistribution alone, the company expects a three-year cost savings of $18million. The company has been integrating its two distribution systems,starting with the consolidation of its Minnesota and Chicago facilities intoone facility outside Chicago. “This will allow us to service our specialtyand mass-market accounts with one inventory pool across the same logisticsnetwork without any compromise in quality,” said Duckworth.On the newsstand, Source is increasing cover prices to offset highermanufacturing and delivery costs. The company is also testing highersubscription prices to “improve overall circulation economics.”Other cost reduction initiatives included a 12 percent slice in headcountand cost reductions initiatives in consumer marketing and general overhead. In fiscal2008 Source reduced draw by 10.8 million copies and plans to a further 7.4million copy reduction in fiscal 2009.The company reported total debt of $1.4 billion, half of which is currentlyat a fixed interest rate. Source Interlink—the magazine distributor owned by supermarket billionaire RonBurkle’s Yucaipa Cos. which bought Primedia’s enthusiast magazine group for$1.2 billion last year—reported its fourth quarter and full-year fiscal 2008results this week.For its full-year reporting period (ending January 31, 2008), the company’srevenue grew to $2.3 billion, a 23 percent jump from the previous fiscal year.During a conference call with investors, Source Interlink chairman MikeDuckworth praised the company’s ability to diversify—adding print and digitalcontent ownership to its distribution and fulfillment operation, giving thecompany control of both magazines and how they’re distributed.last_img read more

Pentagon Memo Details Effort to Fight House Spending Plan

first_imgAn internal memo circulated within the Pentagon in May reveals the amount of effort DOD put into countering the House plan to evade the statutory budget caps by using $18 billion from the overseas contingency operations account (OCO) for base budget items not requested by the Obama administration.“We should attack” House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) plan “and be prepared to play hardball opposing it,” says the May 13 memo prepared for Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Deputy Secretary Bob Work, reports Politico.The House versions of the fiscal 2017 defense spending and authorization bills both rely on the OCO account and would force the next administration to request supplemental funding before overseas operations funds run out at the end of next April. The Obama administration opposes boosting DOD’s base budget without a corresponding increase in domestic spending.The memo is perhaps most striking for exposing the tactics of an agency that seek to avoid the perception of partisanship. It describes President Obama’s veto threat to the two measures as “the principal weapon at our disposal.” The memo also says Carter might have to take an “all in” approach to opposing the House Republicans’ plan.Ryan denounced the memo as “shameless,” reported Politico.“For this administration, it’s always politics first, even at the Pentagon,” Ryan said in a statement. “This memo details with relish a plan to use a presidential veto of a defense bill as a ‘weapon.’ It’s shameless, and it threatens more than five decades of bipartisan cooperation to enact a national defense bill for our troops. The men and women who defend our country deserve better.” Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

Harris County DA Exonerates Former Death Row Inmate Alfred Dewayne Brown

first_img X Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg (left) and Special Investigator John Raley (right) during the press conference they held in Houston on March 1, 2019, to announce the findings of an investigation Raley conducted about the case of former Texas death row inmate Alfred Dewayne Brown. (Andrew Schneider/Houston Public Media) 00:00 /00:53 Listencenter_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg has officially declared Alfred Dewayne Brown, who was on death row for almost 10 years, innocent. An investigation has also concluded the prosecutor who worked on Brown’s trial engaged in professional misconduct.On Friday, prosecutors filed an amended motion, signed by Ogg, to dismiss Brown’s case in the 351st District Court of Harris County.In 2005, a Harris County grand jury indicted Brown for the capital murder of Houston Police Officer Charles Clark during a November 2003 botched robbery at a check-cashing establishment in Houston. Brown was convicted and sentenced to death. Elijah Joubert, who participated in the robbery, was convicted of the capital murder of Alfredia Jones, the store’s clerk.In November of 2014, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed Brown’s conviction based on phone records found by a Houston police officer. The phone records appeared to support Brown’s alibi that he was at the apartment of his girlfriend, Ericka Dockery, when the crime was committed and participated in a phone call made from her landline. Brown was released from prison, but was not officially exonerated of the crime. The DA’s office reopened an investigation last year, after suggesting the phone records didn’t prove Brown’s innocence, because the call was a three-way phone call, and it was possible Brown had been at the scene of the crime, as reported by the Houston Chronicle.“Alfred Brown bluffed his way out of prison by telling the 351st Judicial District of Texas that a phone record proved he was at his girlfriend’s apartment only minutes after the double murder of Alfredia Jones and Houston Police Officer Charles Clark,” county attorneys wrote in a motion they filed, as reported by the Chronicle.Also in 2018, the district attorney released an email showing that Dan Rizzo, the Harris County prosecutor who worked on Brown’s case, knew about the phone records and failed to turn them over to defense lawyers. That would be a violation of a Supreme Court decision requiring the release of exculpatory material.District Attorney Kim Ogg then appointed John Raley as special counsel to re-investigate the case. Raley is the attorney who worked to exonerate Michael Morton, who was convicted in 1987 for his wife’s death.According to Ogg’s office, Raley and his team spent more than 1,000 man-hours on the assignment, reviewing thousands of pages of reports and transcripts, interviewing actual and potential witnesses, and meeting with Houston Police Homicide investigators.Three-way phone callRaley announced Friday during a press conference that even though his investigation concluded Brown did participate in a three-way phone call, the evidence shows Brown was at his girlfriend’s apartment. “The bottom line is that Assistant District Attorney Rizzo jumped to conclusions and convicted an innocent man,” Raley said.“Now, there is no evidence sufficient for a reasonable juror to find that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt,” the attorney underscored and added: “Alfred Dewayne Brown is innocent.”“The system has worked in this case,” Ogg said. “Alfred Brown was wrongfully convicted through prosecutorial misconduct.”Rizzo has stated he didn’t know about the phone records and never hid evidence in the case. Earlier this year, the State Bar of Texas closed a probe into his conduct. Still, the Harris County DA’s office intends to file additional complaints against Rizzo based on the findings of the special investigation.“The evidence shows that ADA Rizzo was fully aware of the Dockery landline records,” Raley said. “He understood the importance of the records and that he failed to produce them to the defense and the court.”Two other men remain in prison in the case. Dashan Glaspie was convicted of aggravated robbery in a plea agreement and sentenced to 30 years. Elijah Joubert was convicted of capital murder and remains on death row.You can watch the press conference with Ogg and Raley here:Press conference re Special Prosecutor Raley’s report— Harris County DA (@HarrisCountyDAO) March 1, 2019Joseph Gamaldi, president of the Houston Police Officers Union, reacted negatively to Ogg’s announcement. He said in a press conference that Brown “remains the prime number one suspect” in the murder of officer Clark. He added he believes the Houston Police Department will bring the case to a grand jury again. You can watch Gamaldi’s press conference here:HPOU’s response to Alfred Brown actually being named innocent.— HPOU (@HPOUTX) March 1, 2019You can read Raley’s report here: Sharelast_img read more

National Urban League Focusing on Minority Voting for 2020

first_imgBy JESSE J. HOLLAND Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) — Voter suppression and Russian interference are some of the greatest barriers to minority voting in 2020, the National Urban League said Monday.This year’s State of Black America report focuses on voting rights, and National Urban League President and CEO Marc H. Morial is calling attention to voter suppression and social media interference from foreign governments.Voter suppression is one of the greatest barriers to minority voting in 2020, the National Urban League said Monday. (May 6)“These attacks, from within our nation and from without, are a desecration to the memory of the martyrs who bled and died in defense of our rights,” Morial said.According to the National Urban League, 14 states have more restrictive voter ID laws in place, 12 have laws making it harder for citizens to register, seven cut back on early voting opportunities, and three made it harder to restore voting rights for people with past criminal convictions.The organization wants to eliminate discriminatory voter I.D. requirements, expand voter registration, and restore felon voting rights.“It’s no accident that these efforts to suppress the Black vote have coincided with a surge in the diversification of the electorate,” Morial said, noting that the projected 2020 electorate is 66.7 percent White, down from 76.4 percent in 2000.The group called for creation of a national commission and a special prosecutor to eliminate foreign interference.Russians attempted to interfere with African Americans voting by creating fake identities, including one Luisa Haynes at @wokeluisa, who had more than 50,000 followers. It was fake, created by Russians to manipulate African Americans.“We can accept nothing less than a clear-eyed accounting of what really happened — and is continuing to happen — and an aggressive, comprehensive plan to combat it,” Morial said.___On the Net:National Urban League State of Black America 2019 report: read more

Young cricketer dies during warmup

first_imgKolkata: A 21-year-old budding cricketer died on Tuesday after he fell ill while playing at Tala Park. The young cricketer, identified as Aniket Sharma, was declared brought dead by the doctors at R G Kar Medical College and Hospital.According to locals, at around 11:45 am, a warm-up session was in progress at the Tala Park ground for the cricketers of Paikpara Sporting Club. To increase the physical fitness, the instructor told the cricketers to play football for sometime. Also Read – 3 injured, flight, train services hit as rains lash BengalWhile warming up for the football match between the cricketers of the said club, Sharma suddenly collapsed. The officials of the club and his teammates immediately rushed Sharma to R G Kar Medical College and Hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. “All of us were there on the field, warming up. He wanted to play football for some time. He suddenly collapsed on the field and we rushed him to the hospital,” a teammate said. Doctors suspect that Sharma died due to a sudden cardiac arrest. But the exact cause of death would be identified only after the autopsy examination. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedSharma, a left-hand spinner, who could also bowl right-arm off spin, joined the club a year ago and was a fine talent according to his coach. “He was a good cricketer. He came here for the first time last year. He was a brilliant team man and a good fielder too. We are shocked,” the coach said. Sharma was supposed to play for his club in a match against Milan Samiti in the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) First Division League tie on Wednesday. The CAB has also expressed condolence in the budding cricketer’s sudden death. “We are deeply saddened by the incident and it is shocking to all of us. We are trying to postpone the match which is scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday),” CAB joint secretary Avishek Dalmiya said.last_img read more